Tomorrow we will make Thracian masks and colorful figures of wars and mythological heroes

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The colorful spring events continue in "Aquae calidae". Thracian masks and figures of wars and mythological heroes will tomorrow make the visitors of the tourist complex in the quarter of "Vetren" tomorrow.

"ART-AND-FACTS" is a new initiative in the Tourist complex "Aquae calidae". Every Sunday a creative workshop will be organized, introducing children to a different kind of art or craft. Once a month, the event will grow into a large festival and will present a variety of activities for crafting, as well as other entertainment for children - music, dancing, theater, riding and more.

The participation fee is BGN 3 for one, BGN 4 for two workshops. A gift for the children participating in "ART-AND-FACTS" is a visit to the museum and 3D mapping screening.

All Sunday workshops in "Aquae calidae" are from 11:00 to 13:00.

For more information and reservations: 0882 00 41 26,,

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