"One Day of Education at Aquae calidae"

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The Tourist Complex "Aquae calidae", located in the quarter of "Vetren", invites the youngest and the grown up children to an unusual lesson. It is called "One Day of Education at Aquae calidae" and is aimed at students of all ages.  

The package is priced at 6 BGN per student and includes:

  • A visit of the museum with a 3D mapping projection;
  • Fun quiz and games where, through interesting racing techniques, children will learn curious facts about the place; games are tailored to the age and interests of the children;
  • Sandwich with ham and cheese and natural juice.

In good weather, outdoor spaces can be used, and in bad weather the activities are indoors. The duration of classes is 1 to 3 astronomical hours.

For reservations: by phone 0882 00 41 26 or e-mail: akvekalide@gotoburgas.com.

More information about the Tourist Complex "Aquae calidae" can be found here:http://www.aquae-calidae.com/


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