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"ART-AND-FACTS" is a new initiative in the Tourist complex "Aquae calidae". Every Sunday a creative workshop will be organized, introducing children to a different kind of art or craft. Once a month, the event will grow into a large festival and will present a variety of activities for crafting, as well as other entertainment for children - music, dancing, theater, riding and more.

The first edition of "ART-AND-FACTS" will be held on April 1 from, 11:00 to 13:00, on the Palm Sunday. This theme will also be devoted to the creative activities of children on this day. They will make flowers - made of paper, plastic bottles and flower soaps, which they will give to their loved ones or they will keep their memory.

The participation fee is BGN 3, and includes a visit to the Museum exposition with a 3D mapping screening.

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