"Metal for garbage" comes back to Burgas, this year we`ll clean the forest near Atanasovsko Lake

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This weekend the "Metal for garbage" will visit our city for the fourth consecutive year. Grimaze's eco-campaign will focus on the efforts of musicians and their fans to clean the woods near Atanasovsko Lake. Traditionally, the cleaning will be accompanied by a rock concert, which will take place on March 31, at 21:30, at "Bar with no name", located in the building of the State Opera House in Burgas. This time the party will include the local band "Soulcore", as well as the Romanians from "Crimena".

The cleaning will take place on the following day, 1st April, at 13:30, in the woods near Atanasovsko Lake. The meeting is at 13:30 at the entrance of the Regional Dispensary for Mental Illness. Sacks and gloves for cleaning will be provided by the organizers.

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