Burgas furore on an International dance competition

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A few days ago the Burgas Dance formation "Dune" returned from a dance competition with over 1200 participants from Bulgaria, Romania, Italy, Russia, with 13 first places and 3 special awards.

The contest Movmnt International Dance Competition was held in Ruse by two young teachers who also run a dance school, said the "Dune" founder and choreographer Petya Stoykova. She shares some of the emotions and the dances behind the scenes:

"We have presented dances in many categories - contemporary dance, jazz, characteristic dance and in almost all categories we have first places. Overall, I think we were appreciated because our dances differ from others by having a dramaturgy", said Stoykova.

In the short term, the choreographer of the Dance formation "Dune" is preparing a project that will try to bring in Bulgaria dance choreographers from Africa who will conduct training seminars. This is expected to happen in parallel in Sofia and Burgas in May.

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