For another year we will count the sparrows in Bulgaria

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For the fourth time we will count together the sparrows in Bulgaria. 

This year we will count sparrows on May 16. Once again, the only effort required by those who wish to join will be to register on and to spend only 10 minutes on the day of counting and to record their data. Those who are already registered should only log in.

"WE COUNT THE SPARROWS" aims to evaluate the condition of the three most common sparrows - home, Polish and Spanish. In May, when the campaign will take place, the three species of sparrows will certainly breed and thanks to the counting it will be possible to identify the places they prefer to breed their youngsters.

Nearly 50 years ago, Jordan Radichkov wrote "We Sparrows", a book in which generations fall in love and whose main character is the urban sparrow. Over the past decade, favorite city birds have been declining rapidly. If these trends persist, sparrows may disappear completely from our cities and villages. Everyone involved will help to gather information about the number of sparrows and the factors that affect them. Remember that sparrows are the indicator of upcoming changes in the urban environment.

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