And the students from School "St. Knyaz Boris I"are included in the initiative "Water footprint"

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For the sixth consecutive year, the "Water footprint" initiative involves children between the ages of 9 and 13 to the idea that drinking water is the most valuable but most deserted natural resource and we are all responsible for preserving it.

In the sixth edition of the event, children searched for ways to reduce floods, droughts and water pollution by using solutions to tackle the water challenges that nature offers us.

For one month students of the third grade of School "St. Kniaz Boris I" worked in teams, filled out a special eco diary and drew posters on the theme "The world of water". On March 22 - World Water Day, an exhibition of hand-made children's posters dedicated to water conservation will be opened at 11.00 am, in the hall of the Tourist complex "Aquae calidae" in the quarter of "Vetren". The official opening will be made by Penka Paspaleva, Director, of the "Izgrev" Administrative Center and then the teams will present their work to the public.


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