The Renewed Natural History Exposition opens its doors again, visit it for free

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Natural History Museum in Burgas will open renewed today at 13.00. All visitors can view the enriched museum exposition on it`s first working day today, until 17:00q free of charge.

The building, which houses the Natural History Exposition of RHM-Burgas, is located on 30 "Konstantin Fotinov" Street and is a monument of culture. Just two years ago, the favorite museum of Burgas children was closed for major repairs.

One of the surprises for young and old will be a new showcase, which, from the door, attracts the visitor's eyes. It features 3D exponents in real size of the four species of mammals that are found in the Black Sea - the aphata, the muck, the Black Sea dolphin and the seals.

A diorama (scale model of a real existing place) on the ground floor of the museum shows how the minerals and crystals are formed and grown underground. It is built with the calcite druzi (crystals, merged at one end on a common base and formed only at the other end) which are found in the already closed Burgas copper mines.

The emphasis on the mineral richness and biodiversity of the Southern Black Sea coast is preserved, but the exhibits are complemented by 4 interactive touch screens (screens) that give visitors the opportunity to receive additional images and interesting information about them.

The museum showcases have been updated to comply with all modern requirements for better storage of exhibits and their presentation. The exhibition is complemented by new images and bilingual texts.

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