Exhibition "Water is Life" will collect children's drawings in the Exposition hall of the Society of Burgas artists

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Exhibition of children's drawings will be organized once again by "Water supply and sewerage" SJSC - Burgas and can be seen from citizens of Burgas in March. It is dedicated to the Water Day, which we celebrate on March 22 and will be held for the 18th time in Burgas under the motto "Water is a Life". The company invites the students from all Burgas schools and community centers to reveal their talent and creative imagination in drawing. The regulation, as always, is the same - drawing of ¼ cardboard, technique - free, participation - individually. The drawings should be submitted to the Gallery of the Society of Burgas Artists at 22 "Alexandrovska" Str.


Последна промяна: 11:02, 24 February 2020