"Aquae calidae" presents us its treasures

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On two consecutive days, on 16 and 17 March, the Tourist complex "Aquae calidae" in the quarter of Vetren will show its most valuable and latest discoveries in the archaeological site of Aquae Calidae.

The event on March 16, at 15:30, is dedicated to "Treasures from Antiquity to Virtuality". Interestingly, valuable archeological finds, unknown or less familiar, will be presented, with special attention being paid to the coins, which number several thousand. The most recent discoveries in Aquae Calidae will be presented by archaeologist Dimcho Momchilov - the project leader, and for the coins will tell archaeologist Miroslav Klasnakov - research manager.

The entrance for the event is free.

A special guest will be Sava Dimov, a finance professor and a professor at the BFU , who will tell what the Crypto currencies are, and give will guidance in looking for answers to questions about how many secrets the new currencies are hiding and will the "electronic coin" leave a thrace in the time.

On Saturday, March 17, just for a day, the Museum in "Aquae calidae" will host the Aquae Calidae`s gold treasure and the team of the Tourist complex has prepared many pleasant surprises for its visitors. One of them will be the opportunity to take as a present a hand-cut coin, a copy of a silver tetradrama of Apollonia. All guests will be able to attend a 3-D mapping screening at the Museum, which starts every hour.

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