Be part of a "Love Story"

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A "Love Story" with French touches will be presented in the Opera house on Monday. The concert, including songs from the classical French cinema, will be performed by Andrea Nikolova and Alexander Baranov in the hall of the State Opera. Conductor under whose baton will play the orchestra of the State Opera - Burgas is Yuri Ilyinov.

"Moulin Rouge", "Fantomas", "Shatovalon", "A man and a woman," "Love story," "The Fugitives", "The Wing or the Thigh", "Tehran 1943","The mania of greatness", "The Doors of the Night", "The Sherbish Umbrellas", "The St Tropez Police Officer", "Paris continues to sing", "The Toy", "The Fathers", "Whack on a Wood", "The High man with the black shoe" are only a part of film the tapes, which music will be heard on March 12, Monday, at 19:00.

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