The book and film about Stefan Danailov with a premiere in Burgas on March 31st

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Georgi Toshev will present the book and film about the life of the Maestro in Grand Hotel and SPA "Primoretz".The tape "Monologue" is work of the directors Emma Konstantinova and Georgi Toshev. It shows a different Stefan Danailov - through family photos with his parents from his earliest childhood, through participation in popular films to his life today, on the eve of his 75th anniversary.

The Autobiography "The novel of my life" Stefan Danailov wrote in collaboration with Georgi Toshev. The illustrated edition does not just tell the Maestro's life - it gives a concrete look at it through more than 160 archive photos.

The places for the meeting with our great actor's life are limited. The event starts at 11:00 a.m.


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