For the fifth consecutive year in "NHK" was opened the unique exhibition "The Bulgarian Grandma Marta"

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The exhibition of handmade martenitsi "The Bulgarian Grandma Marta" will await visitors by March 1st. The official opening of the bazaar was on Saturday, with a ceremony in an old Bulgarian custom.
The artists from all over Bulgaria participate in the exhibition. Each martenitsa is hand-made from natural materials and above all with love. The Bulgarian tradition is presented in each of the creations you will be able to see from the traditional Bulgarian embroidery to the sea spirit of the region.

Martenitza is much more than braided white and red thread. It is a talisman in which each artist has presented his own vision of health and prosperity. "In order to show your artistry, there will be a workshop in which you can create a real Bulgarian martenitsa yourself."

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