Celebration at the Horse base in Burgas for Todorovden

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An exciting experience, inspired by Todorovden, expects the citizens and the guests of Burgas this Saturday at the "Lake" Park. One of the most celebrated holidays for the Bulgarians, called for the health of the horses, will give everyone the opportunity to touch the beautiful and graceful animals, and even to ride them.

The hostesses of the "Khan Krum" Equestrian Club will show the audience some of the best horses in Bulgaria that have presented us worthy in the country and abroad. Tandem with them will be local competitors who will demonstrate their sporting skills and mastery. By the program, the fun and exciting part of the festival is reserved for the final when at the arena will be able to go out and children from the audience. Riding is free and promises a lot of emotions and unforgettable memories for all those who love this sport.

The Horse base opens doors after 10 a.m.

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