Burgas port announces a competition

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"Port of Bourgas" initiates the competition "PORT photo BURGAS - 115". This year, on May 18, the first modern Bulgarian port in Burgas celebrates 115 years since its opening for commercial shipping. In this regard, the portal management announces an initiative to present its past, development and present through photographs. The poems of Burgas poet Hristo Fotev - "Only in the port of Burgas, life fills me with admiration!" will be the motto of the campaign.

The object of the photos may be all that is connected with the port and the sea - ships, boats, cranes, cargo operations, labor workdays, sunsets and sunrises, yachts and lighthouses, fishermen on the pier and anything else that can be sealed in a photo.

All professional photographers and amateurs from all over the country can participate in the campaign. The photos may be black and white and colored. No matter the year the photo was taken. Each author may submit up to 5 photos in electronic JPEG format for participation. It is desirable to have a resolution of 300 dpi and a size of not less than 2000 × 3000 pixels. 

Send the photos at 115burgasport@gmail.com. Sending the photos requires the author's name, address, telephone and e-mail address.

The campaign ends on April 10th.

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