Tony Dimitrova with special wishes for the couples who will dare to say "Yes" in front of the Municipality on February 14

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The singer Toni Dimitrova has expressed special wishes for couples who will marry on February 14th. The marriage ritual will be carried out personally by the mayor of Burgas, Dimitar Nikolov.

The initiative "Dare to say "Yes" is on Darik Radio Burgas, together with the Municipality of Burgas, and is on the occasion of the International Week of Marriage. So far three couples have signed up for the ritual, which will take place at “Atanas Sirekov” Square, in front of the Municipality building in the center of the city.

The first marriage will begin shortly after 12.00. Dimitar and Nazifé will be married in a beautiful trellis, immediately after them are Marian and George, and then Anelia and Asen. All three future families have been together for years, and Toni Dimitrova is their favorite performer.

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