Bulgarian sculpture in a race between two French cities

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The ancient city of Fougeres, in western France, chose a Bulgarian sculpture for its race with the nearby town of Laval. For years, the two towns have competed for a better vision and more attractions for their residents and guests. The local government of Fougeres chose one of the sculptures of the Bulgarian author Zhivko Sedlarski for attraction in the city park. The effectual sculpture - a steel tree, 3.5 meters high, draws the attention and curiosity of anyone walking past it.

The steel trees of the sculptor Zhivko Sedlarski, who is living and working in France for 27 years, appear at intersections, in public and private parks and spaces.

Over the last ten years, the artist has been making sculptures of female figures in dresses. Most of them adorn galleries and open spaces in different countries around the world, even in China. In Bulgaria, two of the spectacular "metal" dresses can be seen. Dressc"Sirena", in front of Grand Hotel "Pomorie" and "Running on the Waves", in the park of residential complex "Izgrev" in Burgas.

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