A traveler presents her impressions of Mongolia in a book

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Petya Dimitrova has gathered the impressions of her trip to Mongolia in a book. It is titled "Loving the wild. Mongolia". In it she tells of her 8,000-kilometer journey along with three other Bulgarians. The trip starts from Moscow via Baikal and Ulan Bator to the Gobi desert.

The book will be presented at the Ciela bookstore at Mall Galleria Burgas, on January 24, at 18:30. The author will share not only what it is like to find yourself in the wilderness of the other end of the world, but also how someone is inspired to get there, keep a diary and watch not only what's going on around him, but inside him.

The author manages to portray every nuance of the trip and the places she visited. Her travels are full of pictures, images, stories, aromas, colors and temperature sensations that make you get a warm blanket while reading about the Mongolian cold. Adding incredible illustrations, the book becomes even closer, dear and warming the heart.

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