Divers have pulled out an 80-pound bell from the sunken steamship "Rodina"

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80 pound bell from the sunken steamship "Rodina" was taken out divers from the club "Friends of the Sea". The vessel is the largest Bulgarian ship until the Second World War, sank 77 years ago by going to a mine near Sozopol. Its remains are well preserved and lie in about 40 meters deep, in 6 km from Cape Kourakia.

"The bell of a vessel is the soul of the ship and it is always a challenge to be removed. The moment we first saw her we did not believe our eyes.  She was under a beam, twisted with fishing nets, lying on the deck to the right side of the deck, facing the nose. She was together with the steel posture, but with no tongue", the divers tell.

From the club "Friends of the Sea" will donate the bell of "Rodina" to Burgas. Most likely it will be exposed near the Sea casino.

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