How "To fill the big heart of Burgas"?

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At Grandmother's Day in the city center will be opened a collection point for plastic caps in the form of a large metallic heart. The campaign is under the title "To fill the big heart of Burgas" and will be launched on 21.01.2018 /Sunday/,at 13:00, at "Troykata" Square opposite the "Helikon" bookstore.

The initiative is an idea of "Bulgaria for young people" club and aims to take action to collect plastic caps to be put into the heart. When it is filled, the collected caps will be handed over to the University General Hospital for Active Treatment - Bourgas, where for a number of years such a campaign has been held. With the means of recycling, a reanimate ambulance with baby equipment will be purchased.

Any plastic caps can be collected - from water, soft drinks, cosmetics, toothpaste, preparations.

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