For the first time in Bulgaria: We determine the price for a book we want to buy

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Pay what you want is a pricing strategy where buyers pay the desired amount for a good, sometimes including zero.The buyer can also choose an amount higher than the standard price for the item. Such techniques are not new abroad, but this is the first such campaign in Bulgaria. Pay what you want is a user-centered form of pricing. This removes the fear of whether a product is of such value as its fixed price.

Innovators have chosen the book "Inspiring stories of successful Bulgarians" to start the campaign. Anyone wishing to get it can order it from a specially developed website and indicate the price at which it wants to buy it.
"Through the book, we authors, we strive to find a new definition of success, gathering 50 stories of Bulgarians from all over the world, many of which are completely unknown to the general public but have stories that motivate", says Ivan Belchev, campaign initiator and founder of magazine AMBICIA.

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