The Story of Three Snowmen comes alive on the stage of the Puppet Theater

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This is a fairy tale of friendship and kindness. For that beautiful urge, to make someone good or just help. Heroes of the fairy tale await the arrival of Santa. They constantly argue and quarrel. Instead of the expected guest, a desperate little puppy comes to them. It is lost and very scared.

Will angry snowmen succeed in helping the little animal and find one of the most precious gifts - friendship? You will find out if you are watching today the children show "The Three Snowmen" with the participation of Greta Krasteva, Zheniya Georgieva, Nedelina Roselinova and Georgi Minkov.

A special guest at the theater will be Santa Claus, who will give gifts. Any parent who wants his child to receive a gift from a good old man can bring it in advance with two names on it.

And tomorrow, December 24, with the help of a little awake bear, we'll be able to find out what Christmas really is. Come to "Christmas with friends"!

Both performances are starting at 11.00.

Последна промяна: 15:12, 26 December 2017