A delicious exhibition will tempt visitors of Mall Burgas Plaza

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For the first time in Burgas will be presented figures sculpted from chocolate. The unique exhibition will be held from 4 to 10 December in Burgas Plaza Mall.
The guests of the exposition will have the opportunity to see copies of classical works of art - Venus Miloska, an ancient Roman woman, women with a basket, jars, a boy and even an angel made entirely of chocolate from pastry chefs. Entrance will be free, and each of them can make a souvenir photo.

The walls of the exhibition hall will be decorated with panes, on which the guests of the exhibition will be able to write with special cocoa "ink" markers or write something with white, milk or natural chocolate. And for the most enthusiastic fans of delicious dessert there will be a special stand that will offer attractive souvenirs made of chocolate.

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