"Aquae calidae" - a story about nymphs and healing water

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In ancient Greek mythology the beautiful and tempting Nymphs were patrons of the springs and the whole nature. The legend tells that three of these Nymphs were guardians of the healing springs near the ancient city of Aquae calidae - translated: hot water. The maids have sinned, they have not kept the purity, and the angry gods have stoned them.

The legend of mythical beings and their power will be recreated in an exciting spectacle this Friday. The unique performance is titled "The Source of the Nymphs" and includes live performances of ballet, music, folk dances, poetry. The scene of the performances will be the provocative atmosphere of Complex "Aquae calidae" in the quarter of "Vetren".

The date is 22.09. /Friday/, the starting time is 19:00. Entrance - free!

Последна промяна: 11:09, 19 September 2017