The Land of megaliths awaits you in Gallery "Bogoridi"

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Great interest among the public in Burgas causes the photoexhibition "Megaliths in the Balkans at the beginning of the XXI century", which is presented in the Gallery "Bogoridi". 30 boards with over 200 photos tell the story of the stone culture in our land.

Author of the photo exhibition is Associate Professor Lyubomir Tsonev from the Solid State Physics Institute "Acad. Georgi Nadjakov" at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, who dedicates the last 14 years of his life studying the megalith culture in our country.

"The present exhibition aims to introduce the audience with the megalithic sites in Bulgaria, as well as to register the state of the monuments and to promote their preservation as a cultural value", says the gallery curator Ruja Georgieva.

The photo exhibition will remain in the Gallery "Bogoridi" until 23 September.

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