On Krastovden-on 14th of September in the Burgas Historical Museum will be presented the photo exhibition "The people of Strandja"

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The exhibition "People of Strandja" will be opened on September 14, 2017 in the Icon Hall of Historical exposition of RHM-Burgas (on 31"Lermontov" Str). It is a project of the specialists from the Historical Museum "Prof. Alexander Fol" - from the city of Malko Tarnovo.

Photodocumentary was realized after the expeditions carried out in 2012-2013 in Strandzha villages Zvezdets, Gramatikovo, Stoilovo, Kalovo, Vizitsa, Slivarovo, Brashlyan. It is based on the collected archival materials, surveys, field surveys, which aimed at establishing the ethnographic picture of the settlements at present. Traditional rituals, habits, traditions and characteristic of the local population, have been studied. Another part of the exhibition is the existing temples and chapels on the territory of the villages. The icons are photographed, their architecture is studied, as well as the temple feasts and customs. The scientific expeditions were held jointly with the Institute of Library Science at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.

20 panels of the exhibition are complemented by Renaissance icons and church plates from the fund of Burgas Museum. The exhibition will remain in the Historical Museum in Burgas by the end of November.

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