A hundred icons of the most honored saints in the Orthodox await you in "Georgi Baev" Hall of the "Sea casino"

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Toshko Vachev and Slavi Slavov gather at the exhibition 110 icon paintings. The exhibition is already opened in the "Georgi Baev"" Hall of the CC "Sea Casino". The exhibition shows the most revered saints in Orthodoxy - the Holy Mother of God, the holy generals Georgi and Dimitar, the protector of the city of Burgas - St. Nikolay Miraculous, saints Martha, Julia, Tatiana, Anna, holy martyrs Faith, Hope and Love, and others.
The exposition is free and can be viewed until 20 September. Toshko Vachev paints icons for 20 years.His first icon is of the Virgin Mary "Worthy Est", which to this day protects the family and all visitors to his home. When making his icons, Toshko Vachev respects all the instructions of the canon and some specific techniques borrowed from the old masters.

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