Tomorrow starts the newest contemporary art festival in Burgas - "Water"

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The Contemporary Art Festival "Water" will be held from 8 to 10 September in the swimming pool and other spaces in the Youth Cultural Center. More than 40 artists from Bulgaria, Moldova, Latvia and South Korea will take part in the event. The festival is held for the first time and is organized by the Youth Cultural Center and Association "Dance BG" / Dance Company "Dune" with the support of Ministry of Culture, Youth Cultural Center, Municipality of Burgas and the "Burgas likes youth" initiative. Tickets for the festival can be purchased bought at the cash desk "The Clock" /in the garden in front of Hotel "Bulgaria"/ or on site at the festival day. The prices are symbolic - from 5 BGN per day and 7 BGN for the whole festival period.

See the full festival program:

Festival Puzzle

Installations, Photography and Video by Burgas Authors: Mariana Sarbova & Philippe Petkov - Phil, Krasi Marchev, Maria Alexieva, Vladimir Palev, Maia Nikolova, Maria Sabotinova, Dune Dance Company, Yosif Astrukov /Guest/

September 8

18.00 - Free access to festival zones

19.00 - E.U.E.R.P.I. - music performance by Miryan Kolev

+ BULATMOL - Dancing Co-Production of “Dune” Company /Bulgaria/, Ilze Zirina /Latvia/ and Voices Company /Moldova/

21.00 am – “BIGGEST” - a moving performance

September 9

18.00 - Free access to festival zones

+ SOUND SOURCE - Concert by Alexander Evtimov - SHAMANCHETO

19.00 - MAINSTREAM - dance performance

21.00 am - DAY OF THE WINNING - Performance of B brain With store P project - store for creative concepts

September 10

18.00 - Free access to festival zones

18.30 - INCOME IN PARADISE /FRAGMENT/ - dance performance at Theater “Atom”, Sofia

19.00 – NO NAME /WITHOUT NAME - Dance solo by Jung In Lee /South Korea/

19.30 - INTIMACIES - dance performance by Alexandra Soshnikova and Sergey Golovnea, Company "Voices /Moldova/

21.00 - NEON - Performance of Collective “Garage”, Sofia

Dance Workshop

04 - 11 September

with teachers: Ilze Zirina /Latvia/; Alexandra Soshnikova and Sergey Golovnea /Moldova/; Yoanna Yordanova - Soika /Bulgaria/; Ina Gerginova /Bulgaria/; Stephanie Georgieva/”Atom” Theater/; Jung In Lee/South Korea/; Andonov -The Black /Bulgaria/.

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