The Autumn 'Flora' blooms in Burgas

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The beautiful flower bazaar "Flora Burgas" Autumn will give you a wide variety of ideas for home, garden or office, will offer professional solutions for design, interior and exterior landscaping.

The exhibition will include a demonstration of arrangements of cut flowers, leaf-ornamental plants, potted plants, seedlings, architectural and artistic products and components, light gardening equipment, chemicals and other exhibits related to the themes of the exhibition. All visitors will have the opportunity to meet directly with manufacturers and importers of flowers and related products, to get acquainted with the landscaping trends and the actual care of the flowers during the autumn-winter season.
Flower bazaar "Flora Burgas" Autumn 2017 will be held from todat until 24.09., in the Sea Garden - Burgas, on the territory of the Exhibition center "Flora".

Последна промяна: 14:09, 20 September 2017