The campaign "Old paper for a new book" comes in Burgas

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The "Old paper for a new book" initiative begins in September. Hosts of the event are the cities of Haskovo (9 September), Sofia (September 10), Ruse (September 17), Plovdiv (September 23). For the first time this year Burgas is included, and the event in our town will be held on September 24, near the "Pantheon" monument in the Sea Garden.

The campaign is being held for the fifth year under the slogan "Clean and Read" and it`s aimet at children of all ages and their parents and teachers. The main purpose of the event is to educate children in love to the book and responsible attitude towards nature, environmental protection and separate collection of waste.

Any child who handed over at least 5 kilos of old recycling paper will receive a new children's book and gifts from the organizers and partners of the holiday. This year, a major symbol of the campaign is the hero of the fantasy series by Rick Riardan - Pursi Jakson.

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