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We've all heard about the of St. Anastasia island, and it can not be otherwise ... The only inhabited Bulgarian island and one of the most popular attractions in Burgas, with a rich cultural calendar, the island enjoys great interest from residents and guests of Burgas.

But in August, something more unusual will happen on the island. The team on the island of St. Anastasia makes a fun challenge to all fans of mysteries and marvelous adventures with the fun game "Escape from the Island". Everyone can go to the island, but will everyone be able to get out of there? Only successful solving of riddles will help players really get to know the island and leave it. Everyone who signed up for the game gets a PLAYER sticker and a brochure with instructions.

The game includes a series of riddles related to the past and present of the island. If they can solve them correctly, participants will be able to decrypt the secret password. Players will have the opportunity to learn a strictly guarded secret and, of course, to leave the island.

Tickets for the game can be found at "Magazia 1" (from there the boat goes to the island), and the ticket for the game also gives access to the museum. 
The game is best for adventurers over 14 years old. Smaller players are also welcome, but with the help of an attendant.

For more information: +359 882 004 124

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