Festival of salt - this time all day on August 12

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The Salt Festival will start in Burgas on August 12th. This year's theme is "Inspired by the Lake".
Guests of the event will be able to visit the Salt Bazaar, to be a Salt Worker for one day, to bath in the lye and in the mud. There will be presented artists from different fields of art that will demonstrate their own feelings and ideas about the Atanasovsko lake.

The organizers also took care of the children, creating a variety of workshops - "Tales about salt" - reading with volunteers of Regional Library "Peyo Yavorov", making a cloud with Foundation "Biodiversity", Sports games with "Green Strandzha", Architecture for children with young burgas architects, Art Plainer and others. 

A special moment of the program will be the combined trip from the Summer stage "Snail" at the Sea Garden to the reserve "Atanasovsko Lake" on the occasion of its 37th birthday, and in the evening will officially be the open-air area of Atanasovsko Lake - "symbiotic"-with an exhibition of the Salt of Life project and some other surprises.

In the musical part of the festival will participate"Mary Boys Band", which filmed a clip around the lake.

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