For another Atanasovsko Lake gathers volunteers from all over the country

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This August for the 29th time volunteers from across the country will accommodate at the saline lagoon and will donate their time and skills to help exotic place with abundant wildlife. The traditional brigade in favor of the birds of Atanasovsko Lake will be held from 19 to 27 August 2017. The challenge this year will be the construction of a giant platform in the waters of Atanasovsko Lake, which will provide a safe place for breeding and resting of the Dalmatian pelicans.

The participants will acquire additional skills and knowledge in the field of environmental protection and will have the opportunity to see and get to know the inhabitants of Burgas Lakes and all the threats to their existence. For all who have a special interest in birds and want to learn more about them - the place is Atanasovsko Lake, the time - August 19-27. All attendants can observe the autumn migration of birds on the largest migratory route in Eastern Europe - Via Pontica.

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