Stoyanka Mutafova will be once again "Mrs. Natural Disaster" on the 18 of July

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Stoyanka Mutafova comes in Burgas on 18 July with the play "Mrs.Natural Disaster". The theater piece by Aldo Nikolay will be performed on the stage of "NHK" from 19:30.

Production director is Nikolay Atanasov. Stoyanka Mutafova, Iren Krivoshieva, Nikolay Atanasov-Shushi are among the main actors. The play tells of an Italian city, for an Italian house where mother, daughter and their dear friend live.

Citizens and the guests of the city will see the next phenomenal performance of Mutafova thanks to Marusya Russeva and "Art Atelier". Tickets can be found on the cash desk "The Clock" /in the garden next to Hotel "Bulgaria"/. For more information tel: 0894/898-098.

Последна промяна: 12:07, 16 July 2017