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On June 16 (Friday), in the central hall of the Archaeological Exposition of the Regional Historical Museum Burgas (21 Bogoridi St.), an initial press conference was held on the project "Common Cultural Heritage beyond Borders - TOGETHER" CB0005.1.21.139, financed under the Cross-Border Cooperation Program Interreg-IPA Bulgaria - Turkey 2014-2020.

The project aims to improve the capacity in the field of culture and tourism in the cross-border region through 2 major investments in two key tourist sites - Aquae Calidea and Rock Monastery of St. Nicholas - Kiköy. The activities aim to improve the tourist attractiveness, easy access and popularization by introducing modern information and communication technologies; Improving the public awareness of the common cultural and historical heritage by presenting two major cultural heritage sites on both sides of the border bearing a common history.

The total budget of the project is 486,735.54 EUR, of which 256,135.91 EUR is for the activities of the leading partner Regional Historical Museum Burgas and 230,599.64 EUR for the Culture and Tourism Directorate in Kirklareli (Turkey).

Most of the costs for both partners will be for investment work on the sites - restoration and conservation of the archaeological remains in Aquae Calidae - almost 180,000 Euros and the Turkish side will invest 200,000 Euros for the construction of a 1 km road with adjacent communications and lighting to the royal monastery of St. Nicholas. Tender procedures are currently underway, and procurements will be closed in early July. The implementation time of the project is 24 months, of which 12 months are for the investment activities.

In the second year of the project, a scientific conference will be held in Aquae Calidae to summarize the results of the studies so far. The scientific papers will be gathered in a luxury edition in Bulgarian, Turkish and English.

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