Maria Sapundjieva will make "Casting for men" in Burgas

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The famous actress Maria Sapundjieva and her so-famous colleague Gerasim Georgiev-Gero will be visiting Burgas on June 22, 19:00, at HNA

"Lizelota and May" ("Casting for men") is one of the best-made pieces by the Hungarian Zolt Pojgai, one of the best contemporary comic writers. This amazing comedy is a kind of guide and handbook on how a woman should fight for their happiness. Maria Sapundjieva and Gerasim Georgiev-Gero will tell you some things about life as we think it is not.

"Casting for men" visits Burgas at the invitation of Marusya Ruseva and "Art Studio". Tickets can be found at the cash desk of the Cultural center of "NHK" and on tel. 0894 / 898-098.

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