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The team of Saint Anastasia Island checked yesterday its readiness to welcome numerous guests during the warmer months. But there is no need to wait until the summer. Municipal ship already carries out regular courses, the museum works, the church is open and the restaurant's kitchen filled with delicacies and drinks.

There are already many requests from tour operators that will bring visitors from abroad to see the island for the first time. Citizens of Burgas and Bulgarians from all over the country who were already here are always welcome to come back again and again. Here you will always find beer and mussels, many other fish specialties and an atmosphere that you can not find anywhere else in our country. However, this is the only accessible and inhabited island in Bulgaria.

Burgas Municipality thanks to the divers from the ''Friends of the Sea'' Club for the shared care of St. Anastasia island. They cleaned the bottom of the island and took out the first crop of mussels from the natural underwater farm. And all the guests of the event yesterday had the privilege of eating for free from the sea delicacy.

Here are some moments from yesterday's sunny and full of emotions day:



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