Lazarovden in the Museum

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On  March 31, the Ethnographic Museum will meet the young lazarki who will represent the authentic ritual "Lazaritsa."

St. Lazarus Day is a Christian holiday that is named after St. Lazarus. It is celebrated on the 8th day before Easter, the day of St. Lazarus. The name Lazarus is a symbol of health and longevity. St. Lazarus Day falls each year on a different date, but always on Saturday and is one of the most beautiful spring holidays for young girls.

According to folk tradition, while the girls perform the ritual also on Sunday, Vrabnica, the little girls go only on Saturday, on the St. Lazarus Day. They leave in the morning and go around in groups in their neighborhoods until noon. One or two of them are dressed as brides, with red veil. They play and the rest are singing. Their songs are for health and prosperity in every home, for celebration of spring, for fruitfulness.

Wishes for health and good luck in ethnographic exhibition will bring the children from Community center "Lyuben Karavelov"1940. The starting time is 11.30 a.m.

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