Today is April Fool's Day! Smile!

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On April 1 we celebrated the Day of the Humor,the joke and the lie. The holiday is internationaland in Bulgaria is associated with various superstitions, such as that to have good luck throughout the year, you must lie at least once and you to be lied by someone until noon on the day. There are different versions about the origin of this celebration.

According to Bulgarian ethnologists the custom of lying festively in the country originates from the Slavs. The word "lazhetrev" is Slavic and it`s meaning can be explained by people's attitude towards the variability of April.

Our ancestors noticed that April was erratic, the weather is tentative and often changing. They named it`s first day - The Day of lies, jokes and humor. Many "will be caught" when someone lies them but such is the tradition. Honored are the witty and cheerful people.

Happy April Fool's Day! Smile!


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