Бургазлии могат да се докоснат до гастронимическите желания на най-известните българи

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Favorite recipes to people known for their gastronomic skills and as Aleko Konstantinov, Petko Slaveykov, Sultana Racho Petrova, Ivan Vazov, CHudomir, Elin Pelin, Emilian Stanev and much more will be presented on February 13, Monday, at 6.00 p.m, at the Cultural center "Sea Casino".

Compilers of the book are Rumyana Pentcheva and the philosopher Mirela Konstantinova. As an artist is included Kalin Nikolov.In the book are used drawings of Geo Milev, Ilia Beshkov, Alexander Bozhinov, Alexander Dobrinov and others. The exquisite volume is a product of a publishing house "Bard".

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