Program of cultural center "NHK" for October

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2 October /Tuesday/

"Vrazhaletz" - a comedy by St. L. Kostov
Director: Georgi Stoilov
Guest: Melpomena Theater
Tickets at the cash desk of "NHK"

9 October /Tuesday/

"The People from Oz" - Premiere - "Part of Port Prim Art Fest" Program `2018
Production of "Theater 199".
Participants: Tsvetana Maneva, Atanas Atanasov, Vezhen Velchovski, Stefan Valdobrev and Radena Valkanova
Tickets at the cash desk of "NHK"

13 October /Saturday/

"Children help children" - Charity concert in support of the children from "Viara, Nadezhda & Ljubov" Medical and Social Care Home in Burgas
Organized by students from NFS "F. Kutev" -Kotel

15 October /Monday/

"The List of Don Juan" - romantic comedy by Valentin Krasnogorov - Premiere
Director: Nadia Assenova
Translation: Vanya Nikolova
Participants: Mihail Bialov, Albena Pavlova, Kamen Ivanov
Tickets at the cash desk of "NHK"

17 October /Wednesday/

from 09:00 and from 11:15
"MACBETH" by William Shakespeare - a theater performance in English
Guest Performances in English

Tickets: Domante Tyrylyte -
ADG Europe
Тel: +37064314097

23 October /Tuesday/

"Two very naked men" by Sebastien Thierry - Premiere
Guest:"Sava Ognianov" Drama Theater - Ruse
Participants: Mihail Bialov, Petya Venelinova, Yovko Kanev and Kristiana Tsenkova
Tickets at the cash desk of "NHK"
The show is not suitable for people under 16 years of age.

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