Exposition center "Flora" - program for December

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December 9 /Sunday/
Hall 2
Burgas Brass Orchestra with Christmas concert.
The Christmas concert at the "Flora" Expo Center is in memory of Hristo Kozhuharov!
In the program: John Moss, Frank Löser, Matt Emmy, Glenn Miller, Henry Betty, Roger Holmes, James Petersen, Paul Cook and others.
Entrance: free.

December 11 /Tuesday/
Hall 2
Film Panorama "Italy today" *
"As long as there is Prosecco, there is hope"
Director: Antonio Padovan
C: Giuseppe Battistone, Teko Celio, Liz Solari, Roberto Chitran

December 12 /Wednesday/
Hall 2
Film Panorama "Italy today" *
The "prize"
Director: Alessandro Gasman
C: Gjiji Proyety, Alessandro Grassman, Anna Follieta, Rocco Papaleo

December 14 /Friday/
Hall 2
Film Panorama "Italy Today"
"I am a hurricane"
Genre: drama, comedy
Italy, 2018, 101 '
Director: Daniele Luxette
C: Marco Jalini, Elio Djermano, Eleonora Danko

December 15 /Saturday/
from 18:30
Hall 2
Film Panorama "Italy today" *
The "Wheel of Life"
Genre: drama, comedy
Italy, 2016, 100 '
Directed by: Giovanni Batista Origo, Sole Tonynie, Gianluca Manzashui, Mateo Giancampro, Christian Yeczi, Kiara De Marquis, Francesco Dapano
C: Ricardo De Philippe, Edoardo Pesha, Alberto Di Stassio, Michele Bevilaqua, Luca Scaparoire, Flavio Domenici, Alessandro Jujoli

December 21 /Friday/
 "No one is perfectly OK" on the idea of ​​Elin Rahnev-
Stand-up comedy with actress Ivanka Shekerova.
Entrance: with tickets, in the "ExLibris" coffee shop


* Tickets for the screenings can be purchased at the "Flora" Expo Center cash desk and half an hour before the start of each movie. For Reservations: 0882 12 10 01.

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