Batman and Superman will welcome the visitors in the Sea casino during "Comics Universe"

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The attractive exhibition of comic books will be opened on October 5th /Monday/ in Cultural Center “Sea casino” from 18.30 hours. The event will be realized with the full support of Municipality Burgas, the event is with free entry.

A double figure in human size of the most popular comic books - Batman and Superman will welcome the visitors in cultural center “Sea casino” during the official opening of the exhibition “Comics Universe”. In hall “Georgi Baev” will also be displayed figures of other two heroes – Phoenix the gladiator and the one-meter Rat. They have been created by the artists from Burgas Magdalena Mihranova and Yoncho Yonchev.

Over 60 comic books, sketches and collectable action figures will attract the attention of the children and their parents until October 28. In the hall will be displayed the masterful workmanship of the helmets of Iron Man, Loki and Heimdall – the keeper of the worlds. The last two are from the movie production Thor – the God of thunder.

The accent of the exhibition will be the newest comic book project of the two authors. The first 10 pages of the fantasy comic will be presented.

How a comic book is made – from the outlines of the white sheet of paper through the digital images, the lines of the heroes, the dynamics and the denouement in the plot? You can see here:


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