The exhibition "Treasures of the old chests" with free entry for the Day of Unification

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Especially for the holiday 6th September all residents and guests of the city will have the chance to see the exhibition "Treasures of the old chests" without an entrance fee. The exhibition is placed in hall "Al. G. Kodjakafaliyata" in Cultural center "Sea casino" and can be visited from 10.30 to 20.30 hours.

Unique adornments for women, like necklaces, gold-laced belts, earrings, jewels for the head, hands and pectorals, are only a small part of the whole collection. The visitors can see also traditional every-day clothes, wedding and holiday costumes, shirts, aprons, shoes, sashes and more.

The exhibition "Treasures of the old chests" presents the Bulgarian jewelry art in the period of Bulgarian revival and the adornments, as an important accessory in the most important life stages of people from 18th to 20th century.

At that time every adornment symbolized something - some of them were given after birth, others during engagement and wedding. The adornment, which is given to the chosen bride, is a type of social sign - from what family she is coming and in what family she is going. The Bulgarian adornments from that era have always had a dual purpose - they showed the social status and the beauty of the Bulgarian woman, and protected her from evil omens.

For this purpose amulets were used. Exactly an amulet, with powers, with the image of Sv. Geogi is among the most attractive items in the exhibition.

The exhibition "Treasures of the old chests" is organized by Municipality Burgas, Regional history museum Burgas and Regional ethnographic museum Plovdiv.

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