Neshka Robeva, Vladi Vargala and "Petlite" present "Razbarkai go - da se opravi" in the Summer theater

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Neshka Robeva and dance formation "Petlite", with head Georgi Dimitrov will partner in "Razbarkai go - da se opravi" /Mix it - to fix it/ on the stage of Summer theater, on September 5th from 20.30 hours.

The newest dance show of Neshka Robeva and Vladi Vargala presents the satirical-dramatic mix of comic situations, excellent choreography with an accent about the most current love topics in contemporary society.

The gripping show asks questions like - is love or money stronger..."Everything is money" or "Everything is love" and is it possible a marriage by love?

With a stroke the story changes the roles of the two sexes and transforms men into women, by taking away their strengths. Leading in the story are the two contrasting images of the Winged and the Horned, who come down to Earth because of a bet...But will they prove their points and who will win the bet, you can see on September 5th on the stage of Summer theater.

Tickets for the show are sold at the ticket-desk behind the Clock.

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