Documentaries from the Czech Republic at open-air stage "Ohluva" in September

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The summer initiative of Municipality Burgas “Cinema under the stars” continues in five consecutive nights during September.

In the days from 1st September /Tuesday/ to 5th September /Saturday/ at open-air stage “Ohluva”, with a free entry, movie fans will have the chance to watch popular Czech documentaries from 20.30 hours. The films cover leading topics and are realized in the last few years. The list of films includes – “Cheaters” 2013, “All my children” 2013, “My farm is my castle” 2010, “Sugar blues” 2014 and “With a Trabant to the end of the world” 2014.

Start will be given with the movie “Cheaters” of the director Silvie Dymakova. The plot will draw us into one manipulative game, accompanied by pressure and aggression. Hidden cameras capture the raw reality behind the scenes of advertising presentations for pensioners. What happens in reality of the popular cheap excursions with a free lunch?

“All my children” is a coproduction by the Czech Republic and Slovakia. In the 90-minute movie of the director Ladislav Kabos we will meet with the charismatic priest Marian Kufa. The spectator will see him dressed in a dirty union suit, follows the drama of the mission in poor conditions and hopelessness in the forgotten gypsy districts. Instead with preaching Kufa tries to attract the gypsies through personal example and human interest. In a shocking way the movie presents the problems, of this community. On 3rd September “My farm is my castle” of the director Jiri Stejskal will provoke us with the eternal topic of the big city and the rural village. Year after year, the new buildings push aside everything from the past, trying to destroy it. “Sugar blues” of the director Andrea Culkova will show to the audience one of the most insidious diseases – diabetes, on September 4th /Friday/.

For a final, in the last day /September 5/ the public will see “With a Trabant to the end of the world”, by Dan Priban. “When there is will, there is a way”. This is the maxim, which follows Dan Priban and he is ready to travel around the world, with the symbol of socialist German Democratic Republic (East Germany) – the loyal Trabant, which despite being made from cardboard, manages to endure the challenges of the road. After a long tour around Africa, South America follows. And to the end of the world.

For a seventh consecutive year residents and guests of the city enjoy the initiative “Cinema under the stars”. It is realized by Municipality Burgas, and in this year’s program are Kazakhstani, Russian, Portuguese, French and Bulgarian movies.

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