"Ah, this...musical" on the stage of Summer theater tonight

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A star trio will perform tonight on the stage of the Summer theater from 20.30 hours, to mesmerize the public with “Ah, this…musical”. The concert is one true musical masterpiece and is a compliment to the connoisseurs of class music. The public will have the chance to hear hits from famous musicals performed by Orlin Goranov, Orlin Pavlov and the soprano Edelina Kaneva.

Taking part in the concert will be also the orchestra and choir of State opera Burgas. The conductors baton will be in the hands of Yordan Dafov, conductor of the choir is Nevena Mihaylova, and concert maestro – Vanya Zlateva.

The show is part of Burgas musical holidays “Emil Chakarov” 2015.

Последна промяна: 11:08, 24 August 2015