Here is what the bio market has to offer this Sunday

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You are welcome on the 23rd  of August /Sunday/, from 16 to 20 hours, at “Slaveikovoto pazarche” for a Farmer’s eco market, where you will meet directly with the producers of clean, natural and biologic produce, made with lots of love!

There you will meet:

- Bio farm Penovi, near Sredets - vegetables, fruits

- Krasimir Kanev, Sliven – peaches

-  Sheep farm "Ray" Panitsovo village, Burgas - milk products

- Sheep farm “Silivryak, Dobrich - milk products

- Eco farm "Tsarski gradini" near village Marinka with eggs from French hens, guinea-hen and quails, herbs and wineant boutique

- Teodora Mishlenkova – mursalski tea

- "BilkoMeg" - dried and fresh herbs, herb extracts and jams, refreshing syrups from ecologically clean regions in Stara Planina mountain

- Eco settlement “Vasil Levski” with dried herbs, rose water, vegan sweets and more

- “VkusiNi” Plovdiv – natural spices for fish, chicken, beans, color salt

- Studio "Creation" Burgas with handmade soaps and candles from natural ingredients, bracelets from stones and homemade meatless treats

- "Toplata furna" Stara Zagora - bread with wild yeast

- Spelt temptations” Varna – bread with yeast, flour, boza and cakes from spelt

- "Elixir of life", Shumen - spelt, flour, groats, semolina, spelt bread with yeast and many more

- "Jivitelnitsa" with ground baked sesame-seed and products with ground baked sesame-seed, crackers, cookies, "bouquet" of forest green onion, dock, nettle, samardala, shepherd's purse, dandelion, lucerne, pennyroyal

- Elena Hristova – homemade bread and humus

- Handmade fresh paste

- “Trastena” – raspberry wine

- Hristo Yanev - wine and juice from bio aronia

- "ViM Produktion", Ruse - pressed cooking oil, black cummin, hemp oil, flax oil, and flour

- Butter Ghi /ecologically clean cow butter from Rhodope mountains/ and several types of mustard

- "Zelena pateka" - cosmetics with moringa oil, oil from cucumber seeds

- Strandja workshop for handmade soaps "Zelenika" with etheric oils and herbs

- Botique "Raduga" - unique clothes and accessories from wool felt

-  "Knitted temptations" with works from natural materials

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