Week of Bulgarian cinema at open-air stage "Ohluva"

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From 17 to 21 August from 21:00 hours on open-air stage "Ohluva" in Burgas, the fans of Bulgarian cinema will have the chance to enjoy projections of five contemporary Bulgarian movies. They are part of the summer movie marathon of Municipality Burgas "Cinema under the starts", which is organized for a consecutive year.

The movie fans will watch on 17 August, Monday, the movie "The sixth day". The movie is by Vladislav Radev (director) and Stoyan Vitanov (producer and writer). "The sixth day" will present action scenes, a fight for life and death on the background of high mountain sceneries.

On 18 August /Tueday/ is the projection of the movie "Living legends". The story is about five friends, who grew up in Balchik, and meet 15 years after their prom night. Pavel is thirty+ man, working in a bank, on a high position. One day he has an accident and goes into coma. He wakes up with partial amnesia and does not remember anything after his prom night. Therefore the people he feels the closest are his former classmates. He decides to return to his home town, to find them.

On Wednesday, 19 August, another work of the Bulgarian cinema will attract the attention - "Faith, love and whiskey". A love story that follows a young Bulgarian woman. She leaves behind her good life in the US and returns home to her friend Val, who however has self-destructing habits. When her fiancé Scott arrives in Bulgaria, she has to choose between the comfortable future, which Scott offers her and the doomed love with Val.

On Thursday the public will get the opportunity to see one dramatic story. The movie "The court" tells about the relations between the father Mityo - a worker in a dairy farm and his son Vasko, and their try to overcome the alienation between them. The action takes place on the background of the hard economic conditions and unemployment, with which the father needs to cope with in the poor border region, where he lives. The two need to go back in the forgotten past, to realize old secrets and find their way again.

The final of the Week of Bulgarian cinema will be with "Incognita". The movie is an analysis of the immense and contradicting world of man. It is a new reading of the short novel "The barrier" of Pavel Vejinov - a metaphysical viewpoint of the director Mihail Pandurski in the dark abyss of human subconsciousness.

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