The authentic performance of folk songs and the ritual "Lazaruvane" gave start to the International Folklore Festival 2015

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The authentic performance of the anthem “Prehvrakna ptichka” /A bird flew by/ sounded in the Sea garden and pleased the connoisseurs of the folklore arts hours before the official start of the International folklore festival.

On the open-stage by the Summer theater residents and guests of the city witnessed colorful performances, presented by a group for authentic folklore from village Kozichino. For all present was performed the mythical ritual “Lazaruvane”,with which was given mini-start of the 43rd edition of IFF.

This year in the festival program will be marked two anniversaries – half a century from the first edition of the International Folklore Festival. This summer, folklore ensemble “Atanas Manchev” also celebrates an anniversary – 70 years from its founding. Devoted to the two anniversaries are concomitant exhibitions, positioned on the alley in front of the Summer theater. The interesting photographs are more than 150 and there old archive documents. Taking part in IFF 2015 will be Bulgaria, Albania, Vietnam, Estonia, Italy, Slovakia, Turkey, Ukraine, Hungary and Georgia.

The International Folklore Festival starts today, 17th August, with a holiday concert from 20.30 hours at the Summer theater. From 18.00 hours will start the traditional attractive procession of all participating groups from square Troykata to City hall.

“The folklore art will persevere thousands of years from now, it is a river, which will never stop flowing. The idea this year was to maximize connection to the lost arts, to trace the development of the festival and the ensemble from their founding”, said the producer of IFF Plamen Karov.

“The festival started from stadium “Chernomorets” and walked the long way to Summer theater Burgas. During the years hundreds of groups and emotions passed. This is our wealth, preserved through the centuries

Municipality Burgas has organized again the program of the participants in IFF, in way, that will allow them to be seen and heard in every part of the city. On 18,19,20 August there will be concerts in the following places: housing complex "Meden rudnik", housing complex "Slaveikov", open-air stage "Ohluva", in front of City Hall, Cultural home of the oil chemist (NHK), expo center "Flora", as well as in front of the Summer theater. Inside the summer theater there will be concerts of 3 groups each night from 20.30 hours.

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